November Business Meeting

SeneschalAbsentExchequerDeposit of $649.02 Balance of $2592.27HeraldSabina assuming the officeChatelaineAbsentMoASAbsent – A&S comp at Spring EventWebministerAbsentArcheryAbsentThrown WeaponsAbsentFightingPractice – Larry (Seigurd) AuthorizedDemo Coord.Nothing to report Spring Training Will be regular event plus regional A&S competition. Rickard will be Event Steward, Lunch tavern … Continue reading

July Business Meeting

July 02, 2019 11 Members in attendance, no visitors SeneschalReview of officer reporting scheduleExchequer No monthly report. Saxon Summer submittedHeraldreport submittedChatelaineNew visitor last week Igor Baerenshlager- interested in becoming rapier marshallMAOSin transition from Aine to Richildis. Video training classrequired,available on … Continue reading

June Business Meeting

June 11, 2019 SenechalReview of Reports DueChroniclerReview of last months minutesHeraldNothing to reportChatelaineNew form of recruiting. Online through societyPop-up add doing SCA activities (Facebook) Chatelaine and SMO to be liaisons. Exchecquer1626.25 +50.00 from Frokn, 3.00 fee ending 1673.25MOASAbsent – Pushing … Continue reading

May Business Meeting

May 07, 2019 SeneschalReview Reporting ScheduleExchequer2129.25 beginning, $500 Site Fee, $3.00 bank fee ending balance 1626.25Heraldnothing to report. Luca’s name and device approvedChatelainenew person 2 weeks ago. Trudy mother of ChristinaMOASNothing to report – looking for deputy or replacementpotentially Bea … Continue reading

April Business Meeting

Business Meeting April 2019 Attendance taken by Genevieve. 9 members present. No visitors present. Officer Reports. SeneschalAbsentExchequer$2132.25 in account; $3 Bank Fee$125 deposit from Winter WassialHeraldQuarterly report filed.Finding new system difficult to use.ChatelaineNothing to ReportMinister of Artsand SciencesAbsentChroniclerVacantWebministerAbsentYouth MinisterVacantArchery/ Thrown … Continue reading