May Business Meeting

May 07, 2019

SeneschalReview Reporting Schedule
Exchequer2129.25 beginning, $500 Site Fee, $3.00 bank fee
ending balance 1626.25
Heraldnothing to report. Luca’s name and device approved
Chatelainenew person 2 weeks ago. Trudy mother of Christina
MOASNothing to report – looking for deputy or replacement
potentially Bea or sabina
WebministerSetting up e-mail for Marshal (Deitrich)
Archery/TWArchery practice happening once a month at On Target
range has very hard targets, arrows won’t stick to keep
score for kingdom scores
FightingDietrick is officially a midrealm marshal. Practice last
week. 2 participants
Demo Coord.Vacant – Katherine reporting. summer festival of the arts
in July YSU. 2 days 140 for the weekend, they set tent and
table. Put to vote – all approved.

New Business

Brainstorming session on June 11 to discuss how to promote membership, demos, parades. Also to discuss the issue of event site issues.

$50.00 from Frokn for 50% purchase of shire equipment received 5/7.

It was motioned, voted and approved that the shire would keep one of the carts previously decided on to sell. It will be repaired and Deitrich has space to store it.

Letice will do a small write up to be published in the Review.


Saxton Summer Gate – Lydia, Kat, Letice

Katherine – class coodinator

Frokn – Thrown Weapons/ Archery

Dietrich – Fighting

Settled on June 21-23, 2019 at Chestnut Ridge using the back field. Katherine taling with Stormport and Hunters Home. There will be a flat fee of $5.00. Stop at main gate for parking pass. We can collect our admission fees. One pavilion reserved with electric. Primitive camping available. One field of TW/Archery. Class are tent needed. It is a wet site(alcohol allowed) as long as we are discreet. Will update FB and website this week. Campfire cooking competition possible, grab and go lunch tavern (chips, pickles, eggs, bars, etc.)

2 hour blocks will be scheduled for Thrown Weapons and Archery.

Bardic circle in the evening.

Pop-ups volunteered by

Richildis – 1, Genevieve – 2, Deitrich – 1 plus a 10×20

Folding Tables

Deitrich – 2, Genevieve – 1.

If there are any corrections and/or additions that need to be recorded in the official Shire minutes, please contact Seneschal Lady Katherine.  Note that these minutes will be published on our shire website.

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