March Business Meeting

Business Meeting March 2019

Attendance taken by Genevieve. 9 members present. No visitors present.

Officer Reports.

Seneschal: Discussed officer turn-over preparations
Exchequer: $2010.25 in account; $3 bank fee
2017 documents ready for file box,
paperwork reorganized
Domesday report filed
Herald: Nothing to report
Chatelaine: Absent, quarterly report filed
Minister of Arts + Sciences: Quarterly report filed
Chronicler: Vacant
Webminister: Absent, quarterly report filed
Youth Minister: Vacant
Archery/ Thrown Weapons: Finally added to the new website for
filing reports
Knights Marshal: No practice due to weather
Demo Coordinator: Vacant

Weekly Activities Schedule.

May 07 – Business meeting & potluck
                14 – Leather: water forming bottle
                21 – Garb sewing & dance practice
                28 – Silent heraldry

Need to decide on largesse project for March 26


                Winter Wassail – all reports filed

                Spring Training – no site, no event

                Saxon Summer – No site as of now (archery range not available)
              Possible locations include Beaver Creek, Chestnut Ridge, Trumbull Co. Fairgrounds, Mosquito Lake Park

Old Business.

                Positions needing to be filled: Demo coordinator, Chronicler

Looking for replacements: Minister of Arts & Sciences, Chatelaine

                Looking for Deputies: Exchequer

New Business.

                Archery practice on Saturday isn’t working out. The range has to stay open late for us to use it and attendance is too low to make it worth their time. Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm is open range time. We are going to change one meeting per week from Tuesday to Wednesday at the range. First practice will be March 27.

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