June Business Meeting

June 11, 2019

SenechalReview of Reports Due
ChroniclerReview of last months minutes
HeraldNothing to report
ChatelaineNew form of recruiting. Online through society
Pop-up add doing SCA activities (Facebook)
Chatelaine and SMO to be liaisons.
Exchecquer1626.25 +50.00 from Frokn, 3.00 fee ending 1673.25
MOASAbsent – Pushing for self reporting using new website
Not sure what is or is not re-portable.
Currently available on midrealm.org
TW/ArcheryLetice is now a Marshal. TW practice last week
Archery next week at On Target
Combat MarshalLooking for help at Demo and Event
Demo CoordBooth secured for Festival of Arts at YSU.
Dancing and Fighting space available.


Saxton Summer

Campfire Cooking competition has not been confirmed

Kub and Bocci planned

Nagasani will be running bardic.

Lunch served from gate tent

Evie printing gate forms

Large cooler being supplied by Letice

Privy cost higher than expected $150 moving camp/tent area closer to main entrance not renting privy.

$20.00 from Alaric for dinner food.

Demo at YSU

July 13/14

Set up Saturday at 9 by Kat and Letice

volunteers for shifts are: Kat, Deitrich, Letice, Richildis, Sabina, Rickard, Luca, Evie.

Fall Bransle

Reaching out to church for date – Either October 5 or 26.

Event Steward – Richildis

Feast Steward – Sabina

New Business

Voted and approved for Officer Change

Richildis assuming station of MOAS – paperwork being started.

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