One of the primary ways that individuals participate in the SCA is through creating a persona –someone from a particular time and place relating to Western Europe before A.D. 1600. This creates the foundational context for learning about the Middle Ages. While all times and places are open for exploring, many people focus much of their learning on the time and place their persona is from.

Creating a heraldic device is part of developing your persona. The SCA Heraldry site says, “Your heraldic device (informally, your “coat of arms”) is essentially your personal “logo,” and identifies you the way a company’s logo identifies the company. On a banner, it tells everyone you’re at an event. On a shield, it tells who’s on the field fighting. On tableware, it tells whose place it’s at. On clothing, it tells who’s in the clothing.”

Our shire’s herald is Nagasani Palanikar . If you have any questions about heraldry, names, personas, etc., she is the person to start with.

Also see the history of our shire’s heraldry page for a fun look back.

We have four primary web pages related to heraldry, persona development, and titles: