Shire of Rivenvale Dance Repertoire

List of Dances by Arrangement and Number of Dancers
List of Dances by Source and Date
Italian Dance Steps (a basic summary)

Dancing Guild

The “Dancing Guild” is a part of the Shire of Rivenvale. The leader is Dancemistress  Lady Letice Spindler and we practice dancing and learn new dances at meetings and events throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to participate. If you would like to be listed as a member of Rivenvale’s Dancing Guild, please contact Lady Letice.


  • Lady Letice Spindler Dancemistress
  • THL Genevieve de Saint-Malo
  • Lady Beatrix Beeman
  • Lady Jendriska Bellasez
  • James Tereba
  • Kathi Gleason
  • Lady Lydia Wynne
  • Lord Hakon Hrafnsson
  • Johannes Drechseldt