September Business Meeting

Attendance taken by Genevieve 13 members present – no visitors

Review of officers reporting schedule

SeneschalReview of upcoming events
on calendar
Exchequerwinter wassale has been paid
requiring check once receipt is present
HeraldNothing to report
ChatelaineVisitors last week – Transplants from Trimaris
MoASHas not been entered into new website system.
E-mailing report to regional
Thrown WeaponsPractices going well. Training new throwers
Fight MarshalPractice – 2 new fighters
DemoDragohold ? Thought we has committed but cannot
Need to reach out to Nuria
Oct 12, Cherry Valley No archery available

Spring Training

Event Steward – Rickard

Considering doing Northern Oaken A&S Competition

Looking at Church Calendar won’t commit to dates yet.

Fall Bransle

Gatekeepers: Genevieve Rickard, Alaric, Katherine

Winter Wassail

Large Room reserved. Non-Profit pricing of $160.00

Meeting adjourned

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