February 2020 Business Meeting

Notes from the February Planning Meeting.

Weekly Activity Schedule Updated:
02/11 – A&S judging/submitting // dancing
02/18 – Heraldry // sewing tabards
02/25 – Needle-felting (meeting in library/pancakes in Great Hall)

03/03 – Monthly planning meeting & potluck
03/10 – Block printing
03/17 – Spring Training prep
03/24 – Heavy fighting TBD // keyhole necklines
03/31 – Thrown weapons TBD / pysanky eggs


Luca is stepping down as Webminister and requires a replacement. Remember, you must be a paid member to be an officer.

Deitrich is checking into an indoor soccer field for possible indoor fighter practice.

Domesday report and audit are in process. All documents have been submitted for review. Currently in the bank $2346.47.


Reviewed Winter Wassail. 23 attended. Collected $156 through donations and silent auction. All in agreement that the larger building is preferable. Planning for Jan 16, 2021 at the same location.

Spring Training / North Oaken A&S Faire is next on the schedule. Luca will be feast steward ($10/person).

January ’20 Business Meeting

SeneschalReview of report schedule, Events Calendar
ExchequerDomesday report due, will be working on that, will
be looking into a new bank, Katherine can go with
ChatelaineNothing to report
Thrown WeaponsAbsent
WebministerSMO report complete, looking for a replacement for
next year. Need pictures of Richildis and Sabina for website.
Fight MarshallPractices weather permitting and he is there

Katherine is beginning 3rd year as Seneschal. Bea is stepping into Deputy Exchequer. Webminister looking for replacement.

January 14: Open projects & event prep
January 21: Sand-casting (Edward)
January 28: Embroidery (Katherine)

February 4: Business Meeting & Potluck
February 11: A&S submissions discussion
February 18: Needle-felting (Evie)
February 25: Heraldry/Sewing tabbards/Church pancakes

Reviewed Winter Wassail (Jan 18). Decided on round tables for 30 with 5-6 long tables for food/auction. Discussed who was bringing what food items and added a post to the event page so others could share their food contributions.

Reviewed plans for Spring Training/N.O A&S Faire (March 21). In addition to the Faire, we are planning archery, thrown weapons, heavy fighting, gaming. Volunteers always needed for running Gate, setting up, clean up, and more. Contact Rich Brown, event steward. Soup tavern for lunch. Luca is tentatively looking at running feast. Gate fee set at $5.

December Business Meeting

SeneschalNo guests – Review report Schedule
ExchequerBank fee going up to $4. Considering changing banks
ChatelaineNothing to report
Throw WeaponsAbsent
Fight MarshalSeigurd in the Database – Domesday filed

December 17 – Cookie exchange bring 2 dozen cookies, food and garb for the night.

Winter Wassail

Facebook Event – will be set up

Spring Training

Was suggested to try “Gategoat” for preregistration to help with less confusion at troll to get people through faster.

Soups that were discussed were Black Bean Chili, Country Vegetable, Corn Chowder, Pumpkin Lentil, Potato Cheese.

No feast steward as of yet.

November Business Meeting

ExchequerDeposit of $649.02
Balance of $2592.27
HeraldSabina assuming the office
MoASAbsent – A&S comp at Spring Event
Thrown WeaponsAbsent
FightingPractice – Larry (Seigurd) Authorized
Demo Coord.Nothing to report

Spring Training

Will be regular event plus regional A&S competition.

Rickard will be Event Steward, Lunch tavern will be available. Soup mixes that can be used as a fund raiser was discussed. Edward volunteered to help with archery.

Fall Bransle

28 attendees, Archery, one fighter was authorized, waivers submitted, NMS and receipts require check, event report in process, Katherine has tablecloths, rummage sale – Rickard/Latice, Goldkey- Katherine, TW Rickard.

Winter Wassail

Artisans Auction submissions.

September Business Meeting

Attendance taken by Genevieve 13 members present – no visitors

Review of officers reporting schedule

SeneschalReview of upcoming events
on calendar
Exchequerwinter wassale has been paid
requiring check once receipt is present
HeraldNothing to report
ChatelaineVisitors last week – Transplants from Trimaris
MoASHas not been entered into new website system.
E-mailing report to regional
Thrown WeaponsPractices going well. Training new throwers
Fight MarshalPractice – 2 new fighters
DemoDragohold ? Thought we has committed but cannot
Need to reach out to Nuria
Oct 12, Cherry Valley No archery available

Spring Training

Event Steward – Rickard

Considering doing Northern Oaken A&S Competition

Looking at Church Calendar won’t commit to dates yet.

Fall Bransle

Gatekeepers: Genevieve Rickard, Alaric, Katherine

Winter Wassail

Large Room reserved. Non-Profit pricing of $160.00

Meeting adjourned

August Business Meeting

August 13, 2019

13 in attendance plus 2 visitors

Seneschal Introductions to new people
review of officer report schedule
Exchequer$1970.25 beginning balance
-$15.00 Non Member fees from SS
-$3.00 Bank Fee
$1952.2 Ending Balance
HeraldAttended class at Pennsic in restructuring of Heralds. Must
take a test to hold post.
Looking for a replacement due to changes in personal life.
Alaric can stay on though December but may not be at
Alaric received AOA at Pennsic.
Sabina considering taking over as Herald
Chatelaine Demo in July at PSU . Several new faces at meeting
immediately after, though have not returned yet save one.
Two visitors today.
MOASReport due Sept 1. Asking for Pennsic review. Asking for
photos of projects worked or working on. Bring next
week. Either the item to have a picture taken or picture to
be sent with report.
WebministerAttended class at Pennsic Re: Social Media Officer
Make sure events are posted from page. Group is for
conversation. Also looking for replacement.
Archery/TWNothing to Report
TW targets need to be replaced. looking at cotton wood
rounds (2)
No more archery at target range. Open range on Sat until
Two new fighters
Scheduling practices every Tuesday weather permitting.
Successful demo at YSU

Archery is being added to the schedule for August 27.

Fight practice has been added to the schedule for September 23.

Dietrich will be prepared to hold fight practice every Tuesday weather permitting and participants show up.

Scheduling for October

October 01Business Meeting
and Pot Luck Dinner
October 08Leather – Belt and/or Mug Strap
October 15Netting
October 22Fall Bransle Prep
October 29Bonfire / Cook out

Plans for a project day to make/repair the shires fighting armor is in the works. Stay tuned for future updates on that.

Winter Wassale has bee slated for January 18, 2020. Checking with kingdom and venue to confirm date availability. Lady Beatrice will be event steward.

Meeting adjourned.

July Business Meeting

July 02, 2019

11 Members in attendance, no visitors

SeneschalReview of officer reporting schedule
Exchequer No monthly report. Saxon Summer submitted
Heraldreport submitted
ChatelaineNew visitor last week
Igor Baerenshlager- interested in becoming rapier
MAOSin transition from Aine to Richildis. Video training class
required,available on line.
Show and tell during business meeting each month of
current individual projects.
Fall Bransle A&S display – Populace vote
WebministerReport submitted for SMO. Required SMO class offered
at Pennsic. Facebook curia Ad Beta testing, contacting
KSMO to register. Need zip codes we cover.
Approaching 2 year looking for replacement
TW/ArcherySaxon Summer range successful no issues
No fighters attended Saxon Summer. No practice next
week due to conflicts.
Demo CoordSummer Fest of Arts YSO July 13/14

Weekly Meeting Schedule

Sept 3. – Monthly Business Meeting and Pot Luck Dinner – Current project show and tell (Will be doing this monthly along with business meeting.)

Sept 10 – Thrown Weapons – Kumihimo (string braiding)

Sept 17 – Meade Make and Take (supplies needed will be posted later)

Sept 24 – Fighting/Dancing – Fall Bransle Prep


Fall Bransle

Event Steward – Richildis

Feast Steward – Sabina

Roman Theme – Costume contest, Roman theme classes

Waiting to hear back from church for date confirmation.

Saxon Summer

Event site was successful. Lost money (expected) $215

Picking a different weekend for next year. 1st weekend in June

Reports signed to be submitted, waivers and NMR submitted.

Summer Festival of the Arts

July 13/14

chairs needed, Water cooler & stand (Rickard) printed schedule and tri-folds (Katherine) anti-harassment, pinions/flags herald, wireless speakers (Evie/Luca)

If there are any corrections and/or additions that need to be recorded in the official Shire minutes, please contact Seneschal Lady Katherine.  Note that these minutes will be published on our shire website.

June Business Meeting

June 11, 2019

SenechalReview of Reports Due
ChroniclerReview of last months minutes
HeraldNothing to report
ChatelaineNew form of recruiting. Online through society
Pop-up add doing SCA activities (Facebook)
Chatelaine and SMO to be liaisons.
Exchecquer1626.25 +50.00 from Frokn, 3.00 fee ending 1673.25
MOASAbsent – Pushing for self reporting using new website
Not sure what is or is not re-portable.
Currently available on midrealm.org
TW/ArcheryLetice is now a Marshal. TW practice last week
Archery next week at On Target
Combat MarshalLooking for help at Demo and Event
Demo CoordBooth secured for Festival of Arts at YSU.
Dancing and Fighting space available.


Saxton Summer

Campfire Cooking competition has not been confirmed

Kub and Bocci planned

Nagasani will be running bardic.

Lunch served from gate tent

Evie printing gate forms

Large cooler being supplied by Letice

Privy cost higher than expected $150 moving camp/tent area closer to main entrance not renting privy.

$20.00 from Alaric for dinner food.

Demo at YSU

July 13/14

Set up Saturday at 9 by Kat and Letice

volunteers for shifts are: Kat, Deitrich, Letice, Richildis, Sabina, Rickard, Luca, Evie.

Fall Bransle

Reaching out to church for date – Either October 5 or 26.

Event Steward – Richildis

Feast Steward – Sabina

New Business

Voted and approved for Officer Change

Richildis assuming station of MOAS – paperwork being started.

May Business Meeting

May 07, 2019

SeneschalReview Reporting Schedule
Exchequer2129.25 beginning, $500 Site Fee, $3.00 bank fee
ending balance 1626.25
Heraldnothing to report. Luca’s name and device approved
Chatelainenew person 2 weeks ago. Trudy mother of Christina
MOASNothing to report – looking for deputy or replacement
potentially Bea or sabina
WebministerSetting up e-mail for Marshal (Deitrich)
Archery/TWArchery practice happening once a month at On Target
range has very hard targets, arrows won’t stick to keep
score for kingdom scores
FightingDietrick is officially a midrealm marshal. Practice last
week. 2 participants
Demo Coord.Vacant – Katherine reporting. summer festival of the arts
in July YSU. 2 days 140 for the weekend, they set tent and
table. Put to vote – all approved.

New Business

Brainstorming session on June 11 to discuss how to promote membership, demos, parades. Also to discuss the issue of event site issues.

$50.00 from Frokn for 50% purchase of shire equipment received 5/7.

It was motioned, voted and approved that the shire would keep one of the carts previously decided on to sell. It will be repaired and Deitrich has space to store it.

Letice will do a small write up to be published in the Review.


Saxton Summer Gate – Lydia, Kat, Letice

Katherine – class coodinator

Frokn – Thrown Weapons/ Archery

Dietrich – Fighting

Settled on June 21-23, 2019 at Chestnut Ridge using the back field. Katherine taling with Stormport and Hunters Home. There will be a flat fee of $5.00. Stop at main gate for parking pass. We can collect our admission fees. One pavilion reserved with electric. Primitive camping available. One field of TW/Archery. Class are tent needed. It is a wet site(alcohol allowed) as long as we are discreet. Will update FB and website this week. Campfire cooking competition possible, grab and go lunch tavern (chips, pickles, eggs, bars, etc.)

2 hour blocks will be scheduled for Thrown Weapons and Archery.

Bardic circle in the evening.

Pop-ups volunteered by

Richildis – 1, Genevieve – 2, Deitrich – 1 plus a 10×20

Folding Tables

Deitrich – 2, Genevieve – 1.

If there are any corrections and/or additions that need to be recorded in the official Shire minutes, please contact Seneschal Lady Katherine.  Note that these minutes will be published on our shire website.