August Business Meeting

August 13, 2019

13 in attendance plus 2 visitors

Seneschal Introductions to new people
review of officer report schedule
Exchequer$1970.25 beginning balance
-$15.00 Non Member fees from SS
-$3.00 Bank Fee
$1952.2 Ending Balance
HeraldAttended class at Pennsic in restructuring of Heralds. Must
take a test to hold post.
Looking for a replacement due to changes in personal life.
Alaric can stay on though December but may not be at
Alaric received AOA at Pennsic.
Sabina considering taking over as Herald
Chatelaine Demo in July at PSU . Several new faces at meeting
immediately after, though have not returned yet save one.
Two visitors today.
MOASReport due Sept 1. Asking for Pennsic review. Asking for
photos of projects worked or working on. Bring next
week. Either the item to have a picture taken or picture to
be sent with report.
WebministerAttended class at Pennsic Re: Social Media Officer
Make sure events are posted from page. Group is for
conversation. Also looking for replacement.
Archery/TWNothing to Report
TW targets need to be replaced. looking at cotton wood
rounds (2)
No more archery at target range. Open range on Sat until
Two new fighters
Scheduling practices every Tuesday weather permitting.
Successful demo at YSU

Archery is being added to the schedule for August 27.

Fight practice has been added to the schedule for September 23.

Dietrich will be prepared to hold fight practice every Tuesday weather permitting and participants show up.

Scheduling for October

October 01Business Meeting
and Pot Luck Dinner
October 08Leather – Belt and/or Mug Strap
October 15Netting
October 22Fall Bransle Prep
October 29Bonfire / Cook out

Plans for a project day to make/repair the shires fighting armor is in the works. Stay tuned for future updates on that.

Winter Wassale has bee slated for January 18, 2020. Checking with kingdom and venue to confirm date availability. Lady Beatrice will be event steward.

Meeting adjourned.

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