November Business Meeting

ExchequerDeposit of $649.02
Balance of $2592.27
HeraldSabina assuming the office
MoASAbsent – A&S comp at Spring Event
Thrown WeaponsAbsent
FightingPractice – Larry (Seigurd) Authorized
Demo Coord.Nothing to report

Spring Training

Will be regular event plus regional A&S competition.

Rickard will be Event Steward, Lunch tavern will be available. Soup mixes that can be used as a fund raiser was discussed. Edward volunteered to help with archery.

Fall Bransle

28 attendees, Archery, one fighter was authorized, waivers submitted, NMS and receipts require check, event report in process, Katherine has tablecloths, rummage sale – Rickard/Latice, Goldkey- Katherine, TW Rickard.

Winter Wassail

Artisans Auction submissions.

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