February ’19 Business Meeting

Attendance taken by Genevieve, 9 members and no visitors present.

Seneschal:Reviewed report due dates
Exchequer:Domesday in progress: no regional officer
Herald:Nothing to report
Chatelaine:Nothing to report
Minister of Arts/Sciences:Absent
Webminister:Website back up and running,
cleaned up site and removed old
content. Social Media becoming a
very large task.
Youth Minister:Absent
Archery/Thrown Weapons:Absent
Knights Marshal:Attending practices with group
in PA.
Demo CoordinatorNothing to report

Weekly Activities Schedule

Rescheduled pinwheel pouch and acid etched medallion

April 09 – Leather – Archery accessories

April 16 – Block Printing

April 23 – Pinwheel Pouch

April 30 – Armored fight practice / dance practice


Winter Wassail – Recommend moving to large building for 2020, received $125 in donations and auction collection: scheduled appointment to see inside of other building and discuss parking.

Spring Training – Church is not available for any weekends in April. We have no alternative at this time so there will not be an event. Looking at new sites again for next year.

Old Business

Positions needed to be filled: Demo Coordinator, Chronicler

Looking for replacements: Minister of Arts and Sciences, Chatelaine

Looking for Deputies: Exchequer

Rickard volunteered to be Quarter Master, keep track of all Shire goods in a Goolge Doc.

New Business

No new business discussed

Meeting adjourned

If there are any corrections and/or additions that need to be recorded in the official Shire minutes, please contact Seneschal Lady Katherine.  Note that these minutes will be published on our shire website.

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