Emblazon: to draw a heraldic device (the picture)
Blazon: to describe a heraldic device (the words)

SCA Heraldry in General


  • Heraldry for Non-Heralds – The purpose of this tutorial is to help you understand period heraldic practices, and to show you how to develop armory that is period in design, that you can be proud of, and that you can easily replicate on banners and shields, woolen cloaks and wooden chests.
  • A Primer of Blazonry – a visual introduction to heraldry with simple pictures illustrating some basic elements of a device
  • Assorted Lessons in SCA Heraldry – basic lessons on different aspects of heraldry in the SCA, such as tincture rules, charge groups, and usable/unusable charges
  • A Grammar of Blazonry – how to organize and describe your device
  • Period Style: An Introduction – a short article about what medieval period heraldry was like
  • EKHU (East Kingdom Heraldry University) – want to learn even more? Here are video tutorials complete with Powerpoint handouts


  • OSCAR – The Online System for Commentary And Response – Use this to look up that status of your submission. Heralds can view and post comments.
  • O&A (Ordinary & Armorial) – search the database of all approved SCA names and devices (you will want assistance/explanation from Katherine before using this system)