Rivenvale - Old Device
The original heraldry of our shire was:

Vert, on a pile throughout azure fimbriated, an angel statant to sinister maintaining a sword palewise argent and in dexter chief a laurel wreath Or.

It has been retained as our “Ancient Arms.”



Rivenvale - New Device

In 2014/2015, we filed to have our heraldic device changed to:

Vert, on a pile azure fimbriated argent, a laurel wreath Or.

While the device looked to be going through fine, in the June 2015 Letters of Acceptance and Return, it was returned because of a conflict. This was discovered in April 2016.


Rivenvale Device Resub 2016

Rather than seek permission to conflict, we voted in May 2016 to add cotises to the fimbriation on the pile (the blue part) and resubmit the device:

Vert, on a pile azure fimbriated and cotised argent, a laurel wreath Or.

In 2017, approval process was completed and this is now our official device. It was important to the shire member to maintain the valley imagery of the green hill sides and the blue sky. It is hoped that with this simplified device, the populace will be encouraged to put it on shire projects.