December Business Meeting

December 2018 Business Meeting Notes

Attendance taken by Genevieve. 11 members present. No visitors present. Average for the year 12.75

Officer Reports.

Seneschal: Nothing to report
Exchequer: $1853.05; bank fee $3,
Herald: Nothing to report; Katherine is no longer Herald at Large
Chatelaine: Several new transplants
Minister of Arts + Sciences: Nothing to report
Chronicler: Vacant
Webminister: Website is having issues, lost the theme; minutes from 13-16 have been archived
Youth Minister: Absent
Archery/ Thrown Weapons: Contacting indoor range for winter archery practice
Knights Marshal: Report filed, MIT paperwork filed, warranted marshal
Demo Coordinator: Woodland Cellars in Hubbard for future events

Weekly Activities Schedule.
                February 05 – Business & Potluck
                                12 – Embroidery: cup covers
                                19 – Mead make ‘n take
                                26 – Leather: waxed bottle ($5)

Shire Tabbards Project Night, Dec 11 meeting
            Fabric purchase required: 10 yd green, 8 yd blue, white ribbon
            Belts made with rope machine
            Making 4 large


                Fall Bransle

                 $400 collected at gate, $132 rummage sale, $23 food donations
                $35 check sent in for NMS
                $296.31 check to Luca for feast with receipts
                Waivers sent into deputy
                Report filed by exchequer

New Business

  Two year term limits for shire officers with the option to add 6 mo.
Motion brought by Rickard, second by Bea, passed by populace

If there are any corrections and/or additions that need to be recorded in the official Shire minutes, please contact Seneschal Lady Katherine.  Note that these minutes will be published on our shire website.

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