for any number of people, spread around the room

One of several ways to dance this


Verse 1

A – 8 Almain-style Doubles.

B- 8 Almain-style Singles, where the first dancer dances to another person, bows, and lights their candle. They repeat, dancing together, then they separate and find new partners


    • Almain-style steps end with a pause: a gentle kick or “raise of the foot.”
  • The actual steps are unclear and can be danced in several different ways:
    1. Everyone has an unlit candle. One Man starts with a lit candle, dancing alone. During the Singles, he invites a Woman, lighting her candle. They dance together, separating during the Singles, where they both find a new partner, etc. The number of dancers doubles every verse.
    1. Only the Men have candles. They all dance with lit candles, finding a partner during the Singles and dancing with them. When they separate, the Men give the Women the candles and the Women dance alone, finding a new partner during the Singles. Dance continues until music ends.
  1. Only one Man has a candle and dances alone with it lit. He invites a Woman and they dance together, leaving the Man at the end of the hall. he hands her his lit candle and she dances alone, selecting a new partner during the Singles.