(also called “Toss the Duchess” or “Toss the Wench”)

Circle Dance for as many Couples as will

As danced in Rivenvale (start at 5:51 for the actual dance)


A – All take hands, Double left and Double right. Repeat.

B1 – Single to the left SIX TIMES, looking first at your Partner, then your Corner, and back and forth during the six singles to the left. Then the Woman steps in front of her Man, placing her hands on the Man’s shoulders, then she jumps while her Partner moves her to his left.
B2 – (Repeat if the music repeats. If the music is known to repeat, the first “toss” can just be up and down like in the video.)

NOTE: If a lady wishes to be “tossed,” she should put her hands on his shoulders. If she wishes NOT to be tossed, she should put her hands on his hands.