Duple Minor Longways for as many Couples as will

As danced in Rivenvale


Verse I.

A – Lead up a Double and back. Repeat.

B – Partners Set and Turn Single. Repeat.

Verse II.

A – 1st Man and 1st Woman cross over, cast down outside the 2nd Couple, cross over again and stand on outside of 2nd Couple. All four take hands and go forward a Double and back a Double, the 1st Couple closing to their original places..

B2 – All four take right-hands-across and go to the left 8 steps. Switch to left-hands-across and go back.

Verse III.

A – 1st Couple cast down and come up between the 2nd Couple. 2nd Couple cast up and come down between the 1st Couple.

B – All Couples take both hands. 1st Couple slip down under the 2nd Couple’s arms while they step up. 2nd Couple repeat under the 1st Couple’s arms. All Set and Turn Single.

Verse IV.

A –  Same as II – A.

B – All clap once then 1st Man Arm Right with 2nd Man once and a half around, while the Women do the same, 1st Couple ending in the 2nd Couple’s place. Arm Left with your Partner.

Repeat on down the line, sitting out one verse when you reach either end, then coming back in the other direction.