Duple minor longways

As danced in Rivenvale


A1 – 1st Man turn the 2nd Woman by the Right hand once around, then turn the 1st Woman by the Left hand once around. 1st Man cast down to the 2nd Man’s place while the 2nd Man moves up.

A2 – Repeat with the 1st Woman doing the turning and the 2nd Woman moving up.

B1 – 1st Man go to left of 2nd Man and circle around him, while the 1st Woman goes to left of 2nd Woman and circles around her. 1st Couple turn two-hands once around.

B2 – 2nd Couple do the same, all circles clockwise. Turn two-hands once around.

Repeat with the next couple and on down the line.

When you reach either end of the line, sit out one turn, then come back in going the other direction.