for 3 Couples in a line

As danced in Rivenvale


A – Everyone goes eight Saltarelli (step-step-step-hop) forward.

B – 1st Man does 3 Contrapassi (Double starting with Left foot each time) in the time of two Doubles around 1st Woman, to face 2nd Woman. Riverenza to 2nd Woman while 2nd Man moves up to 1st Man’s position with a Saltarello. 1st Man does 3 more Contrapassi through 2nd Man’s position to face 3rd Woman. Riverenza to 3rd Woman then go around behind her while 3rd Man moves up to 2nd Man’s position with a Saltarello.

C – All take 8 piva steps forward.

D – 1st Couple face each other and Turn Single. 2nd Couple Turn Single. 3rd Couple Turn Single.

E – Take Right hands with your new Partner and change places in 3 Singles. Repeat the other direction, ending facing forward.

Dance repeats two more times.