Line Dance for 3 Couples (facing up the hall)

As danced in Rivenvale


Verse I.

A1&2 – Partners lead up a Double and fall back a Double. That again.

B1 – 1st Couple take both hands and go four Slips up. 2nd Couple the same. 3rd the same. All Turn Single.
B2 – The same back down in reverse order.

Verse II.

A1&2 – Side right with your Partner. Side left with your Partner.

B1 – 1st Man & 3rd Woman change places    (4 slip steps, leading with your right shoulder and passing back to back). 1st Woman & 3rd Man do the same, leading with the left shoulder. 2nd Couple do the same. All Turn Single.
B2 – Repeat B1 back to your places.

Verse III.

A1&2 – Arm right with partner. Arm left with partner.

B1 – Men hey, skipping (1st Man begin by passing the Right shoulder).
B2 – Women hey as in B1, Men Turning Single on the last four beats of music.

(A “hey” is a weaving pattern, passing by on the right then the left, like a Right-and-Left without taking hands.)

NOTE: The long version of this dance repeats all three verses THREE TIMES, allowing four beats in between for the 1st Couple to move down to the end and become the 3rd Couple.