Below is a list of people connected with our shire, but who have not been to any shire meeting, activity, or event in at least a year and a day.

The Shire of Rivenvale’s Inactive Members


Shannon4Mistress Shannon Gallowglass
Order of the Pelican, Order of the Silver Crescent (East Kingdom GoA), Award of Arms, Order of the Burdened Tyger (East Kingdom), Queen’s Award of Esteem (East Kingdom)


NotAvailable4Master Dirk Edward of Frisia
Order of the Pelican, Order of the Dragon’s Heart, Award of the Purple Fret, Award of the Doe’s Grace, Order of the Dragon’s Barb, Award of Arms


NotAvailable4The Honourable Lord Matheus McTaevis McMychell
Order of the White Lance, Award of the Purple Fret, Order of the Cavendish Knot, Order of the White Chamfron, Award of Arms (Ansteorra)


NotAvailable4Lord Ulfr Gangler
Award of the Purple Fret


Beornmann4Lord Beornmann on Chester
Award of the Purple Fret, Award of Arms