August Business Meeting, 8/11/15

Officer’s Reports: Exchequer (al-Sayyid Abu Shadi Da’ud ibn Zahir): Things are going well, we have a balance of $1,725.55 in the treasury.  The report due at the end of last month has been submitted.  The insurance for the equestrian activities for our upcoming Saxon Summer has been paid.  Also, we have bought two shire archery […]

May Business Meeting, 5/5/15

Officer’s Reports: Exchequer (al-Sayyid Abu Shadi Da’ud ibn Zahir): Everything is currently in balance, nothing new to report at this time. Chatelain (The Honorable Lord Rickard de Als): We welcome a new face at our meetings, he is known as BA.  We are always welcoming of new people, everyone is welcome at any of our […]

Dance List for Summer Demo

On Saturday, June 20, 2015, we will be doing our annual demo for Christ Church’s Medieval Festival. A couple different times during the day, we will be doing a dance demo. If you want to participate but don’t know all the dances, you can watch the videos on our website and attend any dance practices we […]

March Business Meeting, 3/8/15

Meeting Minutes Officer Reports: Exchequer – Nothing to report. A&S – Northern Oaken A&S Regional Fair will be April 25th in the Barony of the Cleftlands.  Reminder, that you must RSVP by March 10th for the shoe making class which starts on March 24th so materials can be ordered. Thrown Weapons – April 14th, we […]

February Business Meeting, 2/3/15

Officer’s Reports: Exchequer (al-Sayyid Abu Shadi Da’ud ibn Zahir): At the beginning of 2014, we started with $626.53 and ended the year with $1372.79, which equals a gain of $746.26. We had a very good year, with our most significant profit being realized from Spring Training, where we made approximately $800.00 in profit. Chatelain (The […]