Saxon Summer

Saxon Summer XV was extra long and in a new location, but we had high attendance and a fantastic time over Labor Day Weekend. Thanks to all who helped make it a success!

Last year’s information for reference:

Saxon Summer XV will be held on Friday – Monday, Sept 4-7, 2015 (Labor Day Weekend).

Note that the location has been changed to:
Christ Episcopal Church, 2627 Atlantic St NE, Warren, OH 44483

Going to Pounce over Labor Day Weekend?  No worries… you can come to our event when that one is over.  We have archery planned for all day Sun. and thrown weapons for all day Mon. as well as camping and other activities.  Worried about the cost of two events?… We will honor your paid admission from Pounce and let you in to Saxon Summer XV for free.  Just show your site token at our gate and sign in.  Where else can you attend two great events for one low price?  You work hard for your money… come out and enjoy all the fun you can this Labor Day Weekend!

Join the Shire of Rivenvale for Saxon Summer XV. It’s a fun casual event perfect for camping and catching up with friends, where equestrian activities, archery, thrown weapons, dancing, and feasting abound.

Site opens at 4pm Friday, closes at 5pm Monday.

Gate Open (please plan to arrive accordingly):

Friday: 4pm – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7:30am – 3pm
Monday: 9am – noon


Entrance:  $5 per adult (18 or over).  Camping – no extra charge.  Minors are free.

$5.00 non-member surcharge applies.  Please be aware that according to SCA rules, we must collect your membership numbers at the gate.  Members:  Be sure to bring your card, or pay the non-member amount.

Feast: $8.  Lap sitters are free.  Feast is limit is 36.  Pre-registration is recommended.

Pre-registration accepted until Sept 1:  Gwen Brown, 218 Rebecca Ave, Hubbard, OH 44425

Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. – Rivenvale

A&S Competition

Sat. 10am – 2pm – Our Shire’s Annual A&S Competition is open to all.  Documentation is a plus but not required (a description on a 3×5 card is adequate).  Competition is by populace vote.  Bring your entry item(s) to the Great Hall.  Winner will be announced at feast.


Sun. 10am – 1pm – Open range
Sun. 1pm – 2pm – Closed for lunch
Sun. 2pm – 4pm – Open range

Bardic Competition

Sat. 10pm – Midnight – Shire Annual Bardic Competition.  If the weather is good, we will be outside at the main fire pit.  However, if it is raining, we will hold it inside the Great Hall. Everyone is welcome to participate/vote, so dust off your stories, poems, songs, and instruments; or just come listen.  Open Bardic will continue afterward.


Sat. 10 – 11am Chess, Chess, and Chess Versions of Chess from all around the globe (3 types) including Shogi with Johannes Drechseldt Great Hall
Sat. 12 – 1pm German Card Games Two card games originating in Germany (Karnöffel and Poch) with Johannes Drechseldt Great Hall
Sat. 1 – 2pm Juggling Demo & Workshop A quick look into the world of juggling with a touch of fire.  Includes a hands-on workshop with Shane Glaeser. Camp (Demo Area)
Sat. 2 – 3pm Korobushka: A Modern Medieval Dance Come learn the history of this Russian-style dance and then learn the dance with Lord Hakon Hrafnsson. Great Hall
Sat. 3 – 4pm Basic Italian Dance An overview of some basic steps in Italian dance and then learn Anello with Lord Hakon Hrafnsson. Great Hall
Sat. 4 – 6pm Tablet Woven Pouch Set up a tablet Loom and weave a small pouch with Lady Richildis of Rydychen. Great Hall
Sun. 11 – 1pm Hand-Tied Pearl Necklasces Hands on, make-take workshop with Olivie DuBois. Fee $5, limit 10 people Great Hall
Sun. 1 – 3pm Mead Brewing Demo Step-by-step mead brewing with Lady Beatrix Beeman. Kitchen
Sun. 3 – 4pm Intro to the Inns of Court Dances Learn about the Inns of Court and then learn two simple dances: Black Almain and Lorayne Almain, with Lord Hakon Hrafnsson. Great Hall
Sun. 4 – 6pm Wire Woven Bracelet Basic wire weaving to make a copper bracelet with Lady Richildis of Rydychen. Great Hall
Sun. 6 – 7pm Tafl Games Table games focusing on Hnefatafl but mentioning a few others with Johannes Drechseldt Great Hall
Mon. Noon-1pm New to Inkle Weaving Warping a loom; creating a piece with The Honorable Lady Genevieve de Saint-Malo. Great Hall
Mon. 1 – 2pm Whip Demo Whips 101.  A lesson in the street art of whips with Shane Glaeser. Camp (Demo Area)


Fri. 8pm – Simple Ball.  All dances will be simple and easy to learn, with only the most basic steps.  Even totally new people will be able to learn them and participate.  They will follow a logical progression, where we add one new step every couple dances, building on what we’ve learned but staying simple. Dances will include: Double Bransle, Single Bransle, Clog Bransle, Schiarazula Marazula, Lorayne Almain, Horses Bransle, Petit Vriens, and Sellenger’s Round.

Sat. 8pm (after Feast) – English Ball (English Country Dances).  All dances will be English Country Dances and will progress from simple to moderate. Dances will include: Sellenger’s Round, Jenny Pluck Pears, Heart’s Ease, Rufty Tufty, Gathering Peascods, Beggar Boy, Black Nag, Picking of Sticks, Mad Robin, My Lady Cullen, Female Sailor, and Trenchmore.


Sun. 9am – 1pm – As a thank-you to our friendly site owner, we will be taking a few hours out of our weekend event to host a small demo for them.  No one is required to participate, but no other activities will be scheduled during this time.  Please consider making yourself available to show off your skill and gear.  Please talk to the Event Steward for more info.


Note:  For those arriving with trailers…You must use the “Exit” driveway to both enter and exit.  There is an 8′ roof over the entrance driveway.  See map for preferred parking areas.

Sat. 7:30am – Check-In
Sat. 9am – Rider Meeting and Weapon Inspection

After Meeting & Inspection – Traditional Games with a “Saxon Labor” Theme

You can expect a “challenge” consisting of a variety of tasks and labors.  We will also be doing a team tag type game combining the concepts of Tippet Tag and Buzkashi.  No prior experience is required in these games and these will accommodate the less experienced riders and horses so that we can all celebrate Saxon Summer (so don’t be intimidated by the sound of it).

Authorizations can be conducted if requested in advance.  If time permits, we will also be doing Mounted Archery.

Riders are encouraged to deck out their steeds in their finest caparisons and barding.  There will be a prize for Best Period display.  Similar to the parade at the July event at Albion, PA, this prize will be awarded to the rider/horse combination displaying the best period appearance.  A short description must be submitted in order to be considered for this competition.  This should be brief and concise enough to fit on a 3×5 index card and include such information as time period, country and type of person represented.  Carrying or being equipped with weapons that would be used by a person of this type is encouraged.  For example, if you are representing a 12th century Samurai from Japan, you should be carrying a bow as the samurai of the period were known as a horse archer.  Of course, safety issues supersede authenticity.

Depending on interest, activities will also be conducted on Sunday, Sept. 6th, but there will not be horse camping at this event due to safety concerns.


Carpe Donuts – fresh-made donuts for purchase.  Mmmm Donuts.  Times TBD.  Located outside near the Gate and Camping Area.

Feast Menu (ingredients in parentheses)

Sat. 6pm – All activities will pause as we gather to share the meal.  If you do not plan to participate in the feast, feel free to bring your own food.  Extra tables to the side will be available.  There are also restaurants nearby.

On Table:  Breads and butters
First Course:  Rabbit or goat stew, Fungus in pastie, Honey carrots
Second Course:  Poulet d’inde (turkey) with red raspberry sauce, Risi bisi, Squashed pumpkin
Dessert:  Pears in comfie, Peach tartes


Sun. 1pm (after the demo) – The shire will provide some lunch items TBD for everyone’s enjoyment.  This will be at no cost.  Donations (food/drinks/money) will gladly be accepted.  In the Great Hall.


Campfire cooking is allowed.  Refrigerator space and microwave are available.  See our Food & Lodging page for nearby off site options.


Besides the classes, a variety of games will be available throughout the weekend. Games will include variations of chess, tafl games, and Bocce.

There will be a special tournament lasting most of the weekend, from Friday through Monday morning.  You are welcome to join whenever you arrive on site. The tournament will involve betting with glass stones or “pips,” The primary use will be for playing Hazard, a popular medieval dice game that involves betting on the die rolls. Newcomers are welcome, as the game will be taught to each person. Participants are also welcome to bet on anything else they like throughout the weekend. Each person will be given a pouch with an equal amount of glass stones. At 9:00am Monday, the person with the most glass stones is the winner. The prize will be a $20 gift certificate to

Thrown Weapons

Mon. 10am – Noon – Open throwing for fun/practice.

Mon. Noon – 1pm – Range closed for lunch.

Mon. 2pm – 3pm – Blanket Tourney.  Bring a prize contribution to lie on the blanket to enter the tournament.  Prizes are picked by order of highest score to lowest.  Prize contributions should be a $10-$20 value, can be new or used, purchased or hand-made, and be of general interest to people in the SCA.

Mon. 3pm – 4pm – Bring your own weapon tourney:  Thrown Weapon Interkingdom Challenge (TWIC). See for more info.

Mon. 4pm – 5pm – Bring your own 2-handed axe no-prize tourney.  No prize… just bragging rights.


Loaner weapons will be available (except for “Bring Your Own” tournaments).
Minors must have a parent/guardian with them while throwing weapons.

Rummage Sale

We will be conducting a “Rummage Sale” to raise money for the shire. Bring an item(s) to donate and/or money to spend if you can.


There is plenty of room for outdoor booths in addition to space and tables available indoors.  We do NOT charge any merchant fees!  You pay only what everyone else pays for entrance and feast.  Inform us of your intent to attend and any needs you may have by contacting the Event Steward

Site Rules:

Please preserve the ambiance of this camping site by restricting artificial light sources to the inside of tents, no gas lanterns, and limit your use of flashlights.  This is a fully handicapped accessible site with no stairs; many activities are in the field which may be rough terrain.  No pets are allowed in the building.  To remain on site, they must be cleaned up after, be well behaved, be quiet, and be on a leash at all times. Camp fires are allowed at designated locations, and in raised fire bowls.  Showers are NOT available on site.  This is NOT a dry site.  Please keep obviously modern containers (cans) out of view.


Directions & Maps
Food & Lodging

Event Steward:

The Honorable Lord Rickard de Als (Rich Brown) @
(330) 398-1064

Feast Steward:

Æðelhild æt Liðerlande (Erin Hill)
aethelhild @
(330) 383-5462


Genevieve de Saint-Malo (Gwen Brown)
genevieve1385 @
(330) 565-0657