Saxon Summer

Saxon Summer XV will be held on Friday – Monday, Sept 4-7, 2015 (Labor Day Weekend).

Note that the location has been changed to:
Christ Episcopal Church
2627 Atlantic St NE
Warren, OH 44483

Although the location has changed, we expect to have all the same fun activities as usual.

Event Steward:
The Honorable Lord Rickard de Als (Rich Brown) @
(330) 398-1064

More information coming soon. Here is last year’s information for reference:

Join the Shire of Rivenvale for Saxon Summer XIV at Joseph Badger Meadows Campground. It’s a casual event perfect for camping and catching up with friends, equestrian activities, heavy fighting, dancing, and feasting.

September 5-7, 2014
7266 Hayes Orangeville Rd. NE
Burghill, OH 44404

Site opens at 4 pm Friday, closes at 12 pm Sunday. Gate closes at 4pm Saturday.
Main events take place on Saturday.

Let’s enjoy the quiet seclusion of this site by restricting artificial light sources to the inside of tents. Please, no gas lanterns outside and limit your use of flashlights. This is a fully handicapped accessible site with no stairs. Sorry – No pets are allowed. Ground fires are allowed at designated locations. Showers are available for use. This is a DRY site.

Event Steward:
Abu Shadi Da’ud ibn Zahir (David Shriver)
farlight7 @
(330) 565-0806
Assistant Event Steward:
A’ine O’Brien (Julie Taylor)
julesgonavy @
(330) 647-2403
Feast Steward:
Æðelhild æt Liðerlande (Erin Hill)
aethelhild @
(330) 383-5462
Genevieve de Saint-Malo (Gwen Brown)
genevieve1385 @
(330) 565-0657
Pre-registration accepted until Sept 3.
218 Rebecca Ave
Hubbard, OH 44425
Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. – Rivenvale

Saturday Day-Trip: $8
Camping: $12
Minors are free.
$5.00 non-member surcharge applies.Please be aware that according to SCA rules, we must collect your membership numbers at the gate. If you are a member, be sure to bring your card.
Afternoon Feast: $10    (Menu)
Begins at 1:00.
Lap sitters are free.
Pre-registration is not required, but the limit is 36.This year we are trying something new. Rather than a traditional feast during the dinner hour, we will be sitting down to a Lunch Feast from 1 pm to 2:30 pm. All activities will pause as we gather to share the meal.  If you do not plan to participate in the afternoon feast, please pack a lunch. There are no restaurants or other food establishments nearby. Extra tables will be available for anyone who wishes to bring their own food.For evening activities, there will be a Masked Ball (masks preferred but optional) with a light potluck buffet scheduled from 5 pm to 7 pm. Come just for the refreshments or join in the dancing. All dances will be taught. To prepare, attend the mask-making workshop at 11 am or the Italian dance class at 4 pm. Feel free to bring a food item to share. Refrigeration is available during the day.

Thrown Weapons

9am-10am – The TW range will be used for beginners throwing class.  No experience necessary.
10am-noon – Open throwing for fun/practice.
Noon-1pm – Bring your own weapon tourney:  Thrown Weapon Interkingdom Challenge (TWIC). See for more info.
1pm-3pm – Range closed for feast.
3pm-4pm –  Blanket Tourney.  Bring a prize contribution to lie on the blanket to enter the tournament. Prizes are picked by order of highest score to lowest.  Prize contributions should be a $10-$20 value, can be new or used, purchased or hand-made, and be of general interest to people in the SCA.
4pm-5pm – Bring your own 2-handed axe no-prize tourney.  No prize… just bragging rights.

Loaner weapons will be available (except for “Bring Your Own” tournaments).
Minors must have a parent/guardian with them while throwing weapons.


10am-1pm – Open range
1pm-2:30pm – Closed for feast
2:30pm-4pm – Open range

Armored Combat

1pm-2:30pm – Closed for feast
2:30pm – Jugger Tourney (if enough teams are present) or Bear Pit


9am – Rider Meeting and Check-In
10am-1pm – Mounted Combat Tournaments (one-on-one, then melee)
1pm-2pm – Closed for feast
2pm-3pm – Buzkashi (the Goat Game)
3pm-4pm – Miscellaneous Activities based on attendees’ preferences

Bardic Competition

7pm – Open Bardic
8pm – Bardic Competition, with Open Bardic continuing after

We will be holding our annual Shire Bardic Competition this year after the Masked Ball, about 8:00pm. If the weather is good, we will be outside at the main fire pit. However, if it is raining, we will hold it inside the main hall. Everyone is welcomed to participate, so dust off your stories, poems, songs, and instruments.


09:00am, 1 hr Beginning Thrown Weapons
with THL Rickard de Als
An introduction to throwing axes, knives and spears. Range and weapons safety will be covered.  Basic throwing techniques will be taught.  Plenty of hands on practice time will be available after the lecture portion of the class. No limit or fees. Thrown Weapons Range
10:00am, 2 hrs Games Table
with Johannes
A variety of period games will be available for playing. Instruction will be provided. No limit or fees. Feast Hall
10:00am, 2 hrs Basic Embroidery
with Lady Emma
Materials provided. We will go over six basic garb decoration stitches and discuss accessories. No limit or fees. Great Hall
11:00am, half hr Glass Trade Beads
with Lady Teresa
An introduction to trade beads with a lampwork bead demo question/answer plus techniques for recreating period beads. No limit or fees. Outside the Great Hall
11:00am, 1 hr Mask-Making Workshop
with Lady Jendriska Bellasez
Create a mask to wear for the Evening Ball. Limit of 15, $2 fee. Great Hall
12:00pm, 1 hr Viking Chain Bracelet Workshop
with Ladies Richildis & Olivie
Limit of 6, $2 fee. Great Hall
12:00pm, 1 hr Chain Mail Workshop
with Lord Hakon Hrafnsson
A hands-on opportunity to learn how to weave chain mail in several different patterns. Handouts and materials will be available for free. Some tools will be available, but if you can bring one or two pairs of pliers, that would be helpful. No limit or fees. Great Hall
1:00pm LUNCH FEAST Feast Hall
02:30pm, 2 hrs Games Table
with Johannes
A variety of period games will be available for playing. Instruction will be provided. No limit or fees. Feast Hall
03:00pm, 1 hr Sweet Waters
with Lady Beatrix
Learn how to make 16th century perfume and take one home. Limit of 10, $3 fee. Great Hall
04:00pm, 1 hr Intro to Hookah
with Mugron Ua Neill
Learn about the rich culture and history of the middle eastern water pipe known as a hookah. The class will touch on some of the history of how it became what it is today, the culture surrounding the hookah and proper etiquette while smoking, and even learn how to properly use one, followed up with a hands-on demonstration and social smoking session. (Notice to people who are sensitive to tobacco smoke or who have tobacco allergies, there will be no smoking during the actual class so that everyone is welcome to enjoy the lecture and learn about it.) No fees but handouts are limited. Outside the Great Hall (weather permitting)
04:00pm, 1 hr Italian Dance
with Lord Hakon Hrafnsson
Come learn the basic steps of Italian Dance in a non-threatening, easy-to-learn way. We will learn the steps involved in various 15th- and 16th-Century Italian dances, and then learn one dance from each century (Anello and Contrapasso). No limit or fees. Feast Hall

Feast Menu (ingredients in parentheses)

On Table: Bread, fruit, honey butter

Followed closely by: Beef y-stewed and salad

First Course:

  • Roast salmon (salmon, honey, butter, lemon, salt, pepper, rosemary)
  • Honeyed carrots (carrots, honey, cinnamon, ginger)
  • Chard (chard, vinegar, bacon)

Second Course:

  • Roast duck
  • Stewed onions (onions, bread, butter, cinnamon, ginger, fennel)
  • Lasagne (noodles, cheeses, cream, butter, flour, cinnamon, sugar, ginger, pepper, salt)


  • Apple tarts (apples, flour, sugar, cinnamon, butter, vinegar, salt)
  • Roasted squash (pumpkin, acorn squash, honey, sugar, butter, cinnamon)


There is plenty of room for outdoor booths in addition to space and tables available indoors. We do NOT charge any merchant fees! You pay only what everyone else pays for entrance and feast. Inform us of your intent to attend and any needs you may have by contacting our Merchant Coordinator, Jendriska Bellasez at prekjen03 @


Jct I-80 & US 62 (Hubbard Ohio), Take US 62 North about 3/4 mile and turn left onto RT 7 North.

Continue on Rt 7 North for about 11 miles, Look for JBM sign on left, but Right turn onto Hayes-Orangeville Road.

Camp entrance is 6/10 miles on right. Follow signs to Back Camp.