April Business Meeting

Business Meeting April 2019 Attendance taken by Genevieve. 9 members present. No visitors present. Officer Reports. SeneschalAbsentExchequer$2132.25 in account; $3 Bank Fee$125 deposit from Winter WassialHeraldQuarterly report filed.Finding new system difficult to use.ChatelaineNothing to ReportMinister of Artsand SciencesAbsentChroniclerVacantWebministerAbsentYouth MinisterVacantArchery/ Thrown … Continue reading

February ’19 Business Meeting

Attendance taken by Genevieve, 9 members and no visitors present. Seneschal:Reviewed report due datesExchequer:Domesday in progress: no regional officerHerald:Nothing to reportChatelaine:Nothing to reportMinister of Arts/Sciences:AbsentChronicler:VacantWebminister:Website back up and running, cleaned up site and removed old content. Social Media becoming avery … Continue reading

January ’19 Business Meeting

Attendance taken by Genevieve, 7 members and no guests present. Officer Reports Seneschal:Reviewed report due dates Exchequer:Prepping for Domesdays reportHerald:Absent: Alaric’s heraldry has been approved.Chatelaine:Need to give surveys to new attendees.Minister of Arts and Sciences:AbsentChronicler:VacantWebminister:Absent – In compliance with new … Continue reading