Spring Training Hosts the North Oaken A&S Faire

Unfortunately, this event must be rescheduled. This page will be updated as soon as additional information is known.

This year, Rivenvale will be hosting the N.O. A&S Faire in conjunction with our normal event, Spring Training at:

Christ Episcopal Church
2627 Atlantic St. NE
Warren, OH 44484

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Food & Lodging

Saturday, March 21, 2020; 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Come join us for the A&S Faire, dancing, and gaming indoors as well as armored combat, archery, and thrown weapons outdoors (will be held weather permitting.)

Notice: Please pay head to the SCA’s instruction regarding illness and events. If you have not seen any of the announcements, please contact the Event Steward. In short, if you are sick or think that you are possibly getting sick, please stay home even if you don’t think you are contagious for the good of everyone else. Keep in mind that this is a hobby that we do for fun. There is no reason to put others at risk. Thank you for understanding.

A&S Faire

The Faire shall be the same as last year except that only scores of 24 and above (out of 30 possible) are going to Kingdom Faire. This was what used to be known as a first place. The Pentathlon competition will take place under the same rules as last year rule set. So, all the entries must achieve at least a 19 to be counted for a pentathlon. There will be a Divisional Competition under the same rules as last year. People will receive their scores on the same day.

More info at http://midrealm.org/kmoas/

Event Fees

Adult Registration – $10.00
Adult SCA Member Registration $5 (Members must have their card to receive discount)
Minor Registration – Free – Minors cannot be admitted without an adult
Pre-Registration should be sent to Gwen Brown at 218 Rebecca Ave., Hubbard OH 44425 no later than March 7th. The mail-in deadline has passed. Payments in person are still being accepted.
Make checks payable to – Shire of Rivenvale, SCA Inc.
Please include for each person you are registering: Legal Name, SCA Name (if applicable) SCA Member Number (if applicable), Minor (Y/N) and total for that person.

Save time at the gate and sign in early at gategoat.com This is to sign in only, it does not accept any fees. This simple pre-reg. process helps speed you through the line!

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Lunch & Snacks

There will be our traditional brunch, lunch, and snack side-board throughout the day at no additional cost. This always proves to be quite the buffet. The shire is providing the staples of donuts, soup, bread, fruit, cheese, coffee/tea, etc.

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