Spring Training

North Oaken A&S Faire

This year, Rivenvale will be hosting the N.O. A&S Faire in conjunction with our regular event, Spring Training.
The Faire shall be the same as last year except that only scores of 24 and above (out of 30 possible) are going to Kingdom Faire. This was what used to be known as a first place. The Pentathlon competition will take place under the same rules as last year rule set. So, all the entries must achieve at least a 19 to be counted for a pentathlon. There will be a Divisional Competition under the same rules as last year. People will receive their scores on the same day.

More info at http://midrealm.org/kmoas/

Spring Training

Saturday, March 21, 2020; 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Come join us for a time of camaraderie, dancing, feasting, and gaming as well as armored combat, archery, and thrown weapons weather permitting.

Although only in the planning stages, we intend for this to be an enjoyable day for those who attended.  Come back later for updated details.

 Lunch & Snacks:
There will be our traditional pot-luck lunch and snack side-board throughout the day.  This always proves to be quite the buffet.  If possible, please bring a food/drink item to share.