Fall Bransle

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To Fall Bransle

Are you ready to enter the Coliseum? Are you ready to compete in a Roman Triathlon?

The Shire of Rivenvale Invites One and All To
Fall Bransle: A Roman Holiday!

Mark your calender’s now.

October 26, 2019 – 9AM to 9PM
At Christ Episcopal Church; 2627 Atlantic Street NE; Warren, OH 44483

Cost $10.00 per person – $5.00 Discount for SCA members

Feast for $10.00 for Adults, $5.00 Children 6-10, Children under 5 free.

A day of Late Roman/Early Byzantine Food, combat, and Classes

There will be an A&S display area if you would like to enter for a change to win fabulous prizes by populace voting.

Weather permitting there will be Heavy Fighting, Archery and Thrown Weapons.

Scheduled Classes at this time
  • Roman Theatre
  • Roman Illumination (Make and Take)
  • Roman Calligraphy (Make and Take)
  • Open Scribal time

If you would like to teach a class (Roman theme not required) please contact Lady Richildis at the e-mail below.

Prior to or during one of the Shires notorious feasts there will be a Roman Costume contest, again for fabulous prizes, judged by feast attendees.

On to the Coliseum — A Triathlon is in the works to be held just before feast to help work up a healthy appetite for a fantastic feast of…….

Breads, Hard and Soft Cheeses, Grapes and Olives

Sausage Pasties with sauce, Cabbage Salad, Stewed Mushrooms

Roasted Breast of Chicken with wine sauce, Cooked Leeks and Boiled Turnips

Apple Tarts with Ice Cream, Figs and Dates

Ingredients List

Bread: white flour, whole wheat flour, leaven (flour, water, grape must), water, salt, coriander seed, semolina (handling/dusting)

Sausage Pasties: Italian sausage filling. Pastry: lard, flour, water, salt

Cabbage Salad: garlic, salt, olive oil, cabbage, white vinegar

Mushrooms: green coriander, white mushrooms, reduced wine

Chicken is roasted with olive oil.
Wine sauce for chicken: pepper, caraway, lovage, thyme, marjoram, shallots, dates, honey, white vinegar, chicken broth, olive oil

Turnips: cumin, rue, vinegar, chicken stock, wine, oil

Leeks: salt, water, oil, chicken broth

Apple Rosettes: apples, puff pastry, apricot preserves

If you have any special dietary needs or would like to ask our Feast Steward, Sabina Fausta Valerius, a question please contact her at katy@newillmeister.com. Any special requests or restrictions must be submitted no later than October 12, 2019.

Grab your toga, jump in your chariot and meet us on October 26 for a Roman Holiday.

Event Steward: THLady Richildis of Rydychen