Our shire’s activities are always included on this calendar.

Unless otherwise noted, all activities listed are hosted by the Shire of Rivenvale and are held at Christ Episcopal Church, 2627 Atlantic St NE, Warren, OH.

For weekly meetings, the doors are typically open 6-9pm.

Typically, the first Tuesday of the month is our business meeting. Other activities such as projects, dancing, workshops, archery, and thrown weapons occur throughout the month.

Please check back to see when these have been scheduled or join the email discussion list to have updates delivered to your inbox. To subscribe to our email list, send an email to with the subject Subscribe.

You can also find us on Facebook.

If you have an individual project to work on, you are always welcome to bring it regardless of the scheduled activities. Contact any shire officer for additional details. (Officers)


Tues, May 7Business Meeting & Pot Luck Dinner
Tues, May 14 Leather Work, Water forming – Water/Drinking Bottle.
Tues, May 21No Meeting
Weds, May 22Archery Practice at On Target Archery $10 / person
Tues, May 28Medallion Etching part 2
Silent Heraldry (Medieval Sign Language)


Tues, June 04Impromptu change – Thrown Weapons
Tues, June 11Business Meeting and Pot Luck Diner
Tues, June 18No Meeting
Weds, June 19Archery Practice at On Target Archery
Tues, June 25Dance and Fight Practices


Tues, July 02 Business Meeting & Pot Luck Dinner – Demo Prep
Sat / Sun
July 6 – 7
Demo at YSU – More info later.
If you are able to help out please contact the
Tues, July 09Garb Making/Finishing aka PENNSIC PANIC
Weds, July 17Archery Practice at On Target Archery
Tues, July 23Dancing and Thrown Weapons
Tues, July 30No Meeting – First week of Pennsic


Tues, Aug 06No Meeting – Second week of Pennsic
Tues, Aug 13Business Meeting & Pot Luck Dinner
Tues, Aug 20Pennsic Show and Tell – Purchases made,
Classes attended, anything you would like to share.
No Archery at On Target this week.
Tues, Aug 27Viking Knitting (wire weaving)

Archery practice will be held on the third Wednesday of each month instead of the regular Tuesday night meeting.  

For a listing of Kingdom wide events please refer to the Kingdom calendar of events at