Weekly Meetings

Our weekly meetings are every Tuesday evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Christ Episcopal Church in the Parish Hall unless otherwise noted. If we are not in the Parish Hall, signs will direct you to the Library.

Christ Episcopal Church
2627 Atlantic Street NE
Warren, OH 44483
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The first Tuesday of the month is our business meeting. Other activities such as projects, dancing, workshops, archery, and thrown weapons occur throughout the month. Please check our Calendar for weekly meeting activities as well as events hosted by our shire or our neighbors. or join the email discussion list to have updates delivered to your inbox. You can also find us on Facebook. If you have an individual project to work on, you are always welcome to bring it, regardless of the scheduled activities.


We host one event every quarter. In 2001 we hosted Saxon Summer for the first time at Chestnut Ridge Campground in Hubbard, OH. Next in 2005 we added our Winter Wassail to the schedule, a fun evening of food and friends held at the lovely Pioneer Pavilion set in Mill Creek Park. 2006 saw the beginnings of Spring Training, our event geared at preparing for the summer fighting, archery, and throwing season. And finally in November 2013 we added the Fall Bransle to our line-up of seasonal events, a day of dancing and leisure activities held at Christ Episcopal Church in Warren, OH.

Project Days

Twice a year we have a Project Day. These are held outside of our regular meetings, usually hosted by a member on weekends. The details are discussed at meetings and advertised on the email list.


Every month that we don’t have an event or project day we hold a Revel during the business meeting. We dress in garb, enjoy a potluck meal together, and dance. Everyone is encouraged to bring feast gear and participate in the activities, however it is not required.

Our year at a glance:

Feasting2Winter Quarter:

January || Event:  Winter Wassail
February || Revel
March || Project Day (Shire Themed)

Spring Quarter:

April || Event:  Spring Training
May || Revel
June || Demo

Summer Quarter:

July || Project Day (Person Themed)
August || Revel
September || Event:  Saxon Summer

Fall Quarter:

October || Demo
November || Event:  Fall Bransle
December || Revel