Business Meeting June 5, 2018

Seneschal Lady Katherine opened the meeting, THL Genevieve took attendance with 16 members present with no visitors.

Officer’s Reports:

Seneschal (Lady Katherine Coscombe) : Review of report schedule.

Exchequer (Lady Lydia Wynne): Outgoing $3.00 for bank fee.  Spring Training report filed late.  End of month total $1936.06.

Herald (Alaric the Dolt) Award of Armed presented to William of Kent.

Chatelain (Lady Beatrix Beeman): Nothing to report

Mistress of Arts & Sciences (Lady Áine ingen Uí Briain): Collected populace projects for report.

Chronicler (THL Genevieve):  Review of new business and attendance

Archery Lieutenant (Lord Frøkn mac Cainnaig): Report not turned in (due June 1.) Resubmitting Spring Training report.  Lettice continuing to pursue marshal training.

Thrown Weapons Lieutenant (Lord Frøkn mac Cainnaig): Rickard ran range at NOWM.  Frøkn won champion at NOWM.  Frøkn is not listed in database for TW marshals.

Web Minister (Lord Brien MacAuley): Absent.

Youth Minister (Lady Nuria Enid Imogen): Absent

Dance Mistress: (Lady Lettice Spindler): No new report.

Demo Coordinator  (Lady Nuria Enid Imogen): Palladin Brewery on June 16 from 2 to 5 pm.

Acting Knight’s Marshall (The Honorable Lord Rickard de Als):Transitioning from Rickard to Deitrich.  Authorized with second weapon; spoke with regional marshal and waiting for more information.  Quarterly report submitted.

Meeting News:

Weekly Activities Schedule:  

June 19; Leather, water-forming small waxed cup.


Aug 7 – no meeting – Pennsic

Aug 14 – Business Meeting/ Pot Luck

Aug 21 – Pennsic Show and Tell – Archery

Aug 28 – Jewelry project TBA / thrown weapons

Upcoming Events:

Spring Training Report

Unfinished Business:

Storage unit emptied

Need those who are storing items to do an inventory so we can decide what to get rid of and what can be sold.

New Business:  

Saxton Summer (July 6-8)

Event steward is no longer available; with no other member willing to run it, we are going to cancel.

Motion to cancel –  Bea; Second Frøkn

Katherine will remove from the calendar

Lydia (Exchequer) is looking for a deputy/replacement.

Meeting Adjourned 

In Closing:

If there are any corrections and/or additions that need to be recorded in the official Shire minutes, please contact the Senescal Lady Katherine or Chronicler Lady Genevieve.


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