September Business Meeting, 9/6/16

Officer’s Reports:

Seneschal (The Honorable Lady Genevieve de Saint-Malo):

THL Genevieve opened up the meeting and passed around the attendance sheets, and also passed a sheet for everyone to put down the classes they had taken at Pennsic and what A & S projects they were working on.  She mentioned the dates for the Officer’s reports, noting that the Archery Marshall’s reports and Knight Marshall’s reports were due on the 1st of this month – they had been submitted.  Additionally, the Herald’s report is due September 30th and the A & S Minister’s and the Chronicler’s report are due on October 1st.  She noted that there was some issues up at Kingdom regarding contract signing, and that the Kingdom Seneschal was working on it. THL Genevieve then opened up the floor for the officer reports.

Exchequer (Lydia Wynne):

The Exchequer reported that we had a balance in the Shire Treasury of $2, 015.33, and that last month we paid the bank fee.  Additionally, we had to pay the amount that was already spent on the equestrian insurance for Saxon Summer, even though we have cancelled that, as it was a debt owed.  Lydia noted that the 2nd quarter report had gone out.

Herald (Lady Katherine Coscombe):

Lady Katherine noted that the shire device was back up under consideration, and was noted in this month’s LOI.  That meant it has moved out of the Kingdom level and on the Laurel level.  She noted that several badge submissions were moving up, but reiterated that submissions may take a little longer to approve as normal as there were numerous submissions from Pennsic to the Society.

Chatelain (Lady Katherine Coscombe):

Lady Katherine welcomed four new people to our meeting.  They were introduced as David, Angie, Jamison and Levi.  Welcome! Mistress of Arts & Sciences (Lady Beatrix Beeman): Lady Beatrix said that the paper for the A & S that THL Genevieve passed around would help her complete the report she had due next month.

Chronicler (Lady Áine ingen Uí Briain):

Lady Áine mentioned that the next edition of the Rivenvale Review is due out October 1st.  She will publish the submission deadline to the populace shortly.  Additionally, she stated that she is still looking for a deputy Chronicler, to help her with the Review and especially monthly business meeting minutes.

Archery Lieutenant (Lord Frøkn mac Cainnaig):  Lord Frøkn submitted his report on time, and would like to have at least one more practice before the weather turns.  He also noted that Lady Beatrix and Brian would like to become Marshalls-in-Training (MITs).

Thrown Weapons Lieutenant (Lord Frøkn mac Cainnaig):  Lord Frøkn had nothing additional to report.

Web Minister (Lord Hakon Hrafnsson): Lord Hakon noted that he is busy keeping our new and improved website up to date.  You may access it at  Check the calendar for meeting topics and also note that event details are posted to update events as they become available. Suggestions for content and/or improvements are always welcomed.

Demo Coordinator (The Honorable Lord Rickard de Als):

THL Rickard noted that he has been approached by The Green Eagle Winery in Cortland to put on a small demo.  This was discussed and it was the general consensus that we should visit it informally to view the facility, etc.  More to come on that.

Acting Knight’s Marshall (The Honorable Lord Rickard de Als):

As we have previously learned, THL Rickard has been working on Knight’s Marshall for Heavy Combat activities, including heavy combat fighting, which he attends on Thursday nights in Talmadge with Brendoken.  Anyone interested in participating please contact THL Rickard for more details.

Meeting News:

Our schedule was set for November.  View the new Google calendar on our website for all the details.  Please note that if the subject matter set for a meeting is not something someone is specifically interested, all are allowed to bring personal projects to work on.


Shire Project Day, Saturday October 15, 2016:

Will be held at Lord Frøkn & Lady Áine’s house in Niles.  Directions will be forthcoming via email.

Officer’s Meeting: Tuesday, October 18th after the meeting. Location to be announced.

Fall Bransle, Saturday November 5th:

The venue for our event has changed this year to Firestone Park in Columbiana.  It will be a one day event with no camping, and the focus is on leisure activities.  There will be “Special Interest Stations” where attendees can visit, work on the applicable craft, try their hand at something new.  These will be listed on the event page.  If you have an interest to share, please contact the event steward, Lord Hakon.   Additionally, we will be having an “Artisan’s Auction & Competition.”  There will also be a Bardic competition for our Shire, and the winner will represent our Shire at the North Oaken War Maneuvers competition next Spring.  We will be having a feast, the cost will be $8.00 and MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED FOR in order to partake.  The menu is posted on the event page.  After feast, we will have dancing, led by our Dance Minister, Lord Hakon.  The site is ADA accessible and the event is FREE.  This is a good time to bring friends and relatives who want to see what we are about and have a great time!  Period garb and feast gear is required, and loaner garb is available.  For up-to-the-date information and changes, please refer to the event page at

Winter Wassail, Saturday January 14, 2017:

Held again at Pioneer Pavilion in Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, it is one of our favorite and most beautiful event settings.  We are having a rummage sale, with items donated that are of interest to SCA folks.  (Start cleaning out those closets NOW!)  And we will also be having our famous Mead, Beer & Ale Exchange.  Details will be posted to

Spring Training, April 23 & 24, 2017:

Stay tuned and watch the website for more information.

In Closing:

If there are any corrections and/or additions that need to be recorded in the official Shire minutes, please contact Lady Áine.

Please note that these minutes will be linked on our shire website.

Respectfully submitted in service,
Lady Áine ingen Uí Briain

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