February Business Meeting, 2/3/15

Officer’s Reports:

Exchequer (al-Sayyid Abu Shadi Da’ud ibn Zahir):

At the beginning of 2014, we started with $626.53 and ended the year with $1372.79, which equals a gain of $746.26. We had a very good year, with our most significant profit being realized from Spring Training, where we made approximately $800.00 in profit.

Chatelain (The Honorable Lord Rickard de Als):

Previously a survey was passed out among attending people to ascertain areas and subjects of interest. There are surveys available anytime if anyone would like to submit and/or modify one. As always, everyone is welcome at any of our events or meetings, if interested contact the Chatelain for more information (Rickard.de.als.@gmail.com)

Herald (Frøkn McCoinneach):

The list of registered Heralds for Midrealm was reviewed and Frøkn is on the list now. Anyone may check with him at any time if needing guidance on name or device submissions.

Minister of Arts & Sciences (Lady Beatrix):

There will be offerings for Spring Training, to be announced at a later time. A list will be passed around for people who wish to put down what projects they’re currently working on.

Web Minister (Lord Hakon Hrafnsson):

It is noted that on our Shire website, there are new dances listed and also links to videos on You Tube of the dances, as well as a wealth of information about the dances. As the Web Minister is also our Dance Master, he wished to note that the dances included some new brawls and that we will be working on them in two weeks. They are already on the site, under the “Dancing” area. Our Shire website is located at www.Rivenvale.org. If you have any questions on any of the web content, or wish to make any suggestions for additions, feel free to contact Lord Hrafnsson or any officer at any time. You will find their SCA and mundane names and phones and email contact information on the Shire site under ”Officers”.

Thrown Weapons Lieutenant (The Honorable Lord Rickard de Als):

Thrown Weapons will be offered at Spring Training.
During the winter season, there is work to be done on weapons for stowing, sharpening and cleaning them. If you have weapons and would like more information on winter techniques as mentioned, feel free to contact The Honorable Lord Rickard.

Seneschal (The Honorable Lady Genevieve de Saint-Malo):

The Seneschal was unable to attend this Business Meeting. Her role of conducting the meeting was assumed for this night by Lady Beatrix, the Minister of Arts & Sciences.

Archery Marshall-in-Training (Frøkn McCoinneach):

There will be Archery available at Spring Training.

Chronicler (Áine ingen Uí Briain):

There is nothing new to report at the moment.

There was some general discussion about The Shire Decision-Making Policy. It can be viewed by looking under the “Officers” link and then on the “Policies” link on the Shire website.

Event Updates:

Past Events:

Our last Shire event was Winter Wassail on January 24th.

Future Events:

Spring Training:

Spring Training at the Church on April 18th. Event steward will be The Honorable Lord Rickard de Als. New to this year will be a Feast, Feast steward will be Áine ingen Uí Briain. We will have a lunch soup and salad bar tavern. As of this moment we anticipate it to be more arts-centered as there is no heavy fighting or light fighting marshal available for the event. We want to have a wide variety of classes to offer, so please consider sharing your knowledge and talents with us by teaching a class. Lady Jendriska Bellasez will be in charge of the class roster, so please email her at PreKJen03@gmail.com to volunteer to teach a class or lead a special interest group.

Other Upcoming:

Next month’s business meeting on Tuesday, March 3rd is our Revel. Garb and feast-gear is required for our potluck.

In Closing:

If there are any corrections and/or additions that need to be recorded in the official Shire minutes, please contact Áine.

Please note that these minutes will be linked on our shire website.

Respectfully submitted in service,
Áine ingen Uí Briain

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