October Activities

The activities for October have been scheduled as follows:

October 04 (SATURDAY)

    • PROJECT DAY – Shire Tabards and Replacement Pennons
    • LOCATION: Northbury Colony Clubhouse – 1781 Cranberry Lane, Warren
      North of our usual meeting place. Take North Road north to the next light (Reeves Rd.). Turn left and take the first right, which is the entrance to Northbury Colony. Take the first left, then the second right. The clubhouse is in the center of the neighborhood, on the north side of the swimming pool. See our Events page or call Hakon at 234-600-6432 if you have any questions.

October 07

    • Business Meeting
    • Pot Luck
    • Dancing

October 14

    • Thrown Weapons
    • Juggling

October 21

    • Perfume & Grooming
    • Leatherworking

October 28

    • Campfire & Campfire Food
    • Bardic Activities

About the author: Genevieve de Saint-Malo