Oyez, bards & brewers!

We will be conducting our bardic competition again this year at Saxon Summer on September 7. Join us after feast for music and stories. Brewers and vintners! Get your best beverages ready for Fall Bransle on November 16. We will be holding a populace vote competition, so bring your friends.

Saxon Summer

It’s hard to believe, but Saxon Summer 13 is coming soon! The dates are Sept 6-8 at Joseph Badger Meadows. We have an Equestrian Tournament scheduled, so you will definitely want to be there. Anyone interested in teaching a class or being a merchant, just send an email to the webminister to get on the […]

Grand Opening

The new website is officially public! I had to take a break for a few weeks to get ready for and then attend Pennsic, but now I am home and here it is. Don’t forget to check what activities are planned for our weekly meetings. If you have anything to add, we’d love to hear […]